About The Brand

Alyson Eastman was searching for the perfect leather jacket. 
Something well made—it had to withstand chilly autumn days, snowy winter nights, and damp spring afternoons in New York—and crafted with quality, ethically sourced materials. A jacket at a comfortable price point that didn’t cost as much as a downpayment on a car, but wasn't a throw-away fast fashion item.
Unimpressed with the options available and unwilling to invest in a jacket she wasn’t totally in love with, Eastman decided to put her years of experience in the fashion industry in New York and Paris to use. So in 2016, the Alyson Eastman line was born—beautifully designed, thoughtfully sourced, and perfectly unique leather jackets made for women looking for something special. 
Every item is made from leather sourced from Italy and Argentina, lined with silk, and made in factories that offer workers fair wages right here in the United States. Prints are hand-designed, and each piece of leather is selected by Eastman herself. The result? A luxury streetwear product that look amazing, and you feel good about wearing. 


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